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    Magnetic Belt End, Black

  • Item # 20YV23
  • Mfr. Model # SUB-ME
Magnetic Belt End, Black
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Technical Specifications

Item # 20YV23
Mfr. Model # SUB-ME
UNSPSC #46151505
Shipping Weight 0.01 lbs
Country of Origin USA *
Item Magnetic Belt End
Color Black
Finish Black
For Use With Portable Posts Mfr. No. 300MSBA-BK, 300PC-BK, 300PC-BL, 300PC-RD, 300RBA-BK, 300RPA-BK, 301BA-BW, 301BA-RCV, 301BA-RCV-HBW, 301BA-YW, 301DBA-BL, 301YA-BYD, 301YA-CAU, 301YA-RCV, 301YA-YW, 302BA-BK, 302BA-BYD, 302BA-CAU, 302PSB-BK, 302PSB-BYD, 302PYW-BYD, 302PYW-CAU, 302YA-BYD, 302YA-CAU, 321BA-BK, 321BA-BL, 321BA-CAU, 321BA-MYD, 321BA-RD, 321BA-YW, 321YA-ARC, 321YA-BYD, 321YA-CAU, 322BA-BYD, 322PSB-BYD, 322PWH-BYD, 322PWH-CAU, 322PYW-BYD, 322PYW-CAU, 322YA-AAO, 322YA-BYD, 322YA-CAU, PM412-30BA-BYD, PM412-30BA-CAU, PM412-30BA-YW, PM412-30YA-BYD, PM412-30YA-CAU, SM412-30YA-BYD, SM6500YW-BYD, SM6500YW-RCV, WM412SB15-BK-RE, WM412SB15-BYD-RE, WM412SB15-CAU-RE, WM412SB15-RD-RE, WM412SB15-YW-RE, WM412SB20-BK-RE, WM412SB20-BYD-RE, WM412SB20-CAU-RE, WM412SB20-RD-RE, WM412SB20-YW-RE, WM412SB25-BL-RE, WM412SB25-BYD-RE, WM412SB25-CAU-RE, WM412SB25-RD-RE, WM412SB25-YW-RE, WM412SB30-BYD-RE, WM412SB30-CAU-RE, WM412SB30-RD-RE, WM412SB30-YW-RE, WM412YW15-BYD-RE, WM412YW15-CAU-RE, WM412YW20-BYD-RE, WM412YW20-CAU-RE, WM412YW25-BYD-RE, WM412YW25-CAU-RE, WM412YW30-BYD-RE, WM412YW30-CAU-RE, WM700PC-BK-RE, WM700PC-RD-RE, WM700SB-BK-RE, WM700SB-BL-RE, WM700SB-YW-RE, WM700YW-BYD-RE
* This product's country of origin is subject to change

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Hazardous material - General.