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    Natural Gas Pilot Burner

  • Item # 21WE73
  • Mfr. Model # 2200700
Natural Gas Pilot Burner
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Technical Specifications

Item # 21WE73
Mfr. Model # 2200700
UNSPSC #48101511
Shipping Weight 0.3 lbs
Country of Origin Italy *
Item Natural Gas Pilot Burner
Fits Brand Garland Manufacturing
For Use With Mfr. Model No. G24-24GFSD, G24-36GFSD, G24-48GFSD, G24-60GFSD, G24-72GFSD, GD-152HFF, GD-152HSTD, GD-302HSTD, GD-303HFF, GD-304-HFF, GD-304HSTD, M42R, M42RC, M42S, M42T, M43-1R, M43-1RC, M43-1S, M43-1T, M43-3R, M43-3RC, M43-3S, M43-3T, M46R, M46RC, M46S, M46T, M47-51S, M47-51T, M47-68R, M47-68RC, M47-68S, M47-68T, M47-45R, M47-45RC, M47-45S, M47-45T, M47-51R, M47-51RC, M47R, M47RC, M47S, M47T, M48-51R, M48-51RC, M48-51S, M48-51T, M48-68R, M48-68RC, M48-68S, M48-68T, M48R, M48RC, M48S, M48T, M6S, M6T, M7S, M7T, M8S, M8T, MS42-6R, MS42-6RC, MS42-6RCE, MS42-6RE, MS42-6S, MS42-6SE, MS42-6T, MS42-6TE, MS42R, MS42RC, MS42RCE, MS42RE, MS42S, MS42SE, MS42T, MS42TE, MS43RC, MS43RCE, MS44RC, MS44RCE, MS54RC, MS54RCE, MST42-6R, MST42-6RC, MST42-6RCE, MST42-6RE, MST42-6S, MST42-6SE, MST42-6T, MST42-6TE, MST42R, MST42RC, MST42RCE, MST42RE, MST42S, MST42SE, MST42T, MST42TE, MST45R, MST45RC, MST45RCE, MST45RE, MST45S, MST45SE, MST45T, MST45TE, MST46R, MST46RC, MST46RCE, MST46RE, MST46S, MST46SE, MST46T, MST46TE, MST47-51R, MST47-51RC, MST47-51RCE, MST47-51RE, MST47-51S, MST47-51SE, MST47-51T, MST47-51TE, MST47-68R, MST47-68RC, MST47-68RCE, MST47-68RE, MST47-68S, MST47-68SE, MST47-68T, MST47-68TE, MST47R, MST47RC, MST47RCE, MST47RE, MST47S, MST47SE, MST47T, MST47TE, MST5S, MST5SE, MST5T, MST5TE, MST6S, MST6SE, MST6T, MST6TE, MST7S, MST7SE, MST7T, MST7TE, ST284-RCE, ST286-RCE, G36, G48, G60, GTGG24-G24, GTGG36-G36, GTGG48-G48, GTGG60-G60, GTGG72-G72, GTGG24-GT24, GTGG36-GT36, GTGG48-GT48, GTGG60-GT60, GTGG72-GT72, GD-15GFF, GD-24GFF, GD-36GFF, GF24, GF36, GF48, GF60, U24, U36, U48, U60, UTGG24-G24, UTGG36-G36, UTGG48-G48, UTGG60-G60, UTGG72-G72, UTGG24-GT24, UTGG36-GT36, UTGG48-GT48, UTGG60-GT60, UTGG72-GT72, G24, M42-6R, M42-6RC, M42-6S, M42-6T, M43-2R, M43-2RC, M43-2S, M43-2T, M48-45R, M48-45RC, M48-45S, M48-45T
* This product's country of origin is subject to change

Compliance and Restrictions

This item is restricted for international sale.