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Chuck Keyless,  Jacobs 4000 Non-Carb
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Technical Specifications

Item # 42CX27
Mfr. Model # N196034
Shipping Weight 0.52 lbs
Country of Origin China *
Item Chuck Keyless
For Use With Grainger Item Number 3HFW4, 21RV41, 1GEB7, 4EB34, 4EB32, 4EB37, 21RV40, 4EB31, 4EB35, 4EB28, 4EB29, 4EB27, 1GEC3, 4HVH5, 4EB36, 1PZ15, 1PZ20, 3HFW3, 4EB33, 1PZ14, 1GEC8, 4EB30, 3HFV9
For Use With Mfr. Model Number DCD910KX TYPE 1, DCD790B TYPE 1, DC920KA TYPE 1, DC984VA TYPE 1, DC988KA TYPE 1, DCD790B TYPE 2, DC989VA TYPE 1, DCD790D2 TYPE 2, DC987KA TYPE 1, DC985VA TYPE 1, DC983KA TYPE 1, DC984KA TYPE 1, DC980KA TYPE 1, DC930KA TYPE 1, DCD960KL TYPE 1, DC988VA TYPE 1, DW983K-2 TYPE 1, DW987K-2 TYPE 1, DCD920KX TYPE 1, DC989KA TYPE 1, DW980K-2 TYPE 1, DCD790D2 TYPE 1, DC940KA TYPE 1, DC985KA TYPE 1, DCD940KX TYPE 1
Fits Brand DEWALT(R)
* This product's country of origin is subject to change

Compliance and Restrictions

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