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Bulk, Charger
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Technical Specifications

Item # 42AN55
Mfr. Model # 2607225429
Shipping Weight 1.445 lbs
Country of Origin Switzerland *
Item Bulk, Charger
For Use With Grainger Item Number 4WLK7, 30RW26, 35GR02, 4WLK5, 4WLK6, 46U396, 19TT31, 19TT32, 22DL14, 22DL15, 22DL16, 35KF99, 46U428, 35GR04, 4WLL2, 19TT03, 35GR05, 46U393, 35GR06, 35KF30, 35KF28, 46U391, 35GR07, 4WLK9, 35KF33, 19TT11, 35GP96, 30RW28, 30RW27, 35KF37, 19TT12, 12F746, 46U404, 35KF38, 30RW29, 30RW30, 30RW12, 30RW13, 35KF24, 19TT15, 46U399, 35GR01, 35KF75, 35KF71, 35KF72, 19TT20, 19TT21, 19TT22, 35KF73, 30RW32, 30RW33, 30RW14, 30RW15, 19TT23, 19TT25, 30RW34, 35GP99, 30RW35, 30RW16, 30RW17, 35KF80, 19TT27, 19TT28
For Use With Mfr. Model Number 17614, 17618, 24614, 24618, 25614, 25618, 26614, 26618, 36614, 36618, 37614, 37618, ADS181, BSH180, CAG180, CCS180, CSM180, CRS180, DDB180, DDB181, DDBB180, DDH181, DDH181X, DDS181, DDS181A, DDS182, DGSH181, FNH180-16, HDB180, HDH181, HDH181X, HDS181, HDS181A, HDS182, HTH181, HTH182, IDH182, IDS180, IDS181, IWBH182, IWH141, IWH181, IWHT180, IWMH182, JSH180, MXH180, PLH181, SGH182, RHH180, RHH181, RHS181
Fits Brand Bosch
* This product's country of origin is subject to change

Compliance and Restrictions

This item is restricted for international sale.