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Vacuum Cleaners and Accessories

Help keep your facility clean and your workers safe and productive with vacuum cleaners from Grainger. Check out our wet/dry vacuums essential for quickly picking up debris or excess liquid spilled around the jobsite. You can clean almost everything from hard floors to thick carpets with a commercial upright vacuum. Our lightweight, backpack vacuums offer portability and ease of movement, especially when cleaning in tight or confined spaces. Hand and canister vacuums are more portable and maneuverable than upright models, and with an optional extension wand or flexible hose you can clean into tight corners and hard-to-reach spaces. We also have critical area vacuums for safely cleaning laboratories and cleanrooms. Grainger has a wide selection of vacuum cleaner parts and accessories that help keep your vacuums running smoothly, including replacement bags, filters, hoses, belts and vacuum cleaner attachments that can enhance the power and efficiency of your model.

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