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Safety Cans and Accessories

From cleaning tanks and disposal cans, to fuel cans and waste containers Grainger has the safety cans and safety can accessories to help store fuels, chemicals, solvents, corrosives, and even waste from high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) equipment. Our bench and plunger cans allow you to easily moisten cleaning cloths, while a cleaning/dip tank in a benchtop, floor, or portable design helps clean messy parts. Fuel and gas cans let you safely transport fuel, with mobile fuel caddies featuring a larger capacity. Disposal cans allow you to safely store corrosives and flammables. Oily waste cans feature a foot- or hand-operated cover to ease use. Specialty HPLC waste cans can safely store liquid waste which may contain flammable solvents and acidic compounds. Most Type I and II safety cans have self-closing spouts, an automatic vent, and flame arrestors to protect contents. Choose a safety can funnel, holder or other accessories to ease pouring and transport.

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