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Lubricants and Penetrants

Lubricants and penetrants add a slippery coating on machinery, tools, or parts to reduce wear and friction between metal surfaces and keep equipment running smoothly. Anti-seize compounds prevent threaded connections from sticking or fusing together. Chain, cable, and wire rope lubricants provide a slick, moisture-resistant coating on conveyor chains, roller drives, cables, pulleys, and hoists. Corrosion inhibitors protect metal components or machinery against rust and wear. Lubricant is typically a low- to medium-viscosity fluid that's applied to bearings and other moving parts before installation to prevent future wear and tear. Mold release agents keep material from bonding to molds and casts. Penetrants are low-viscosity fluids that are applied to parts after they're installed. These penetrating solvents seep into threads and other tight spaces to help unstick seized or stuck components like nuts or bolts or to relubricate moving parts.

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