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Industrial Ceiling & HVLS Fans

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Industrial ceiling and high-volume low-speed (HVLS) ceiling fans mount to a ceiling to circulate air from overhead so they don't take up floor space. These air circulators are commonly used to cool machinery and help keep people comfortable in manufacturing plants, warehouses, and other areas with high ceilings and a large floor space. Reversible fans run clockwise to create a windchill effect for cooling during warm months or counterclockwise to bring warm air down from the ceiling to aid heating during cold months. Nonreversible fans run in one direction for cooling. These axial fans are made of heavy-gauge materials suitable for daily use, have a powerful motor that drives the fan blades to move large volumes of air, and feature high-performance bearings for a long life.Close

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  • Industrial Ceiling Fans


    Industrial Ceiling Fans

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    $112.00 - $812.67

  • About these products
    Industrial ceiling fans combine a traditional ceiling fan appearance and an industrial-duty build for circulating air in manufacturing plants and large commercial settings. These air circulators are made of heavier-gauge materials than decorative office or residential ceiling fans. A mounting bracket is included for attaching these fans to a ceiling.
    Industrial Ceiling Fans
  • Industrial Vertical Recirculation Fans


    Industrial Vertical Recirculation Fans

    Multiple items available3

    $540.00 - $622.00

  • About these products
    Industrial vertical recirculation fans have a cone-shaped outlet for redistributing air and heat within a room to provide uniform coverage and humidity control. Also called V-flow fans, these air circulators are often used to optimize growing conditions for plants in greenhouses and to provide a comfortable environment for people in factories, warehouses, and sports facilities. They have a wire guard that covers the fan blades to protect against damage or accidental contact. A mounting bracket is included for attaching these fans to a rod or beam near a ceiling.
    Industrial Vertical Recirculation Fans
  • Industrial HVLS Ceiling Fans


    Industrial HVLS Ceiling Fans

    Multiple items available28

    $4,848.00 - $11,124.00

  • About these products
    Industrial high-volume low-speed (HVLS) ceiling fans feature long, specialized blades that move large volumes of air while rotating at a low speed. These air circulators move air evenly across a wide area to allow a single HVLS fan to provide the same coverage as several smaller ceiling fans. They operate with minimal noise to avoid creating disruptions and generate gentle airflow, making them ideal for cooling athletic facilities, retail spaces, garages, and factories. A mounting bracket is included for attaching these fans to a ceiling.
    Industrial HVLS Ceiling Fans