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Metal Files and Chisels

Files from Grainger are essential hand tools for finishing any woodworking or metalworking project. These metal files have a variety of surface textures to handle any job. Hand files come in many different cutting teeth styles and surfaces such as concave, convex, and flat. These precision files have diamond surfaces for heavy-duty jobs. Steel files handle softer materials. Sets include round files for enlarging round holes and flat files to smooth machinery parts. Punch and chisel sets include alignment, cold chisel, and brass drive punch sets. Cold chisels can cut any cold metal softer than the chisel itself. Super-duty cold chisels help cut keyways and slots in metal. Choose from our selection of contact and pocket burnishers. Wood chisels and chisel sets help with mortising door hardware and mortising studs. File cleaners ensure that your files are kept in top condition by removing fine debris and obstructions.

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