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Concrete Tools

Concrete tools and equipment can help give your project a more professional appearance. Our concrete edgers help create smooth edges that resist chipping after the forms are removed, and concrete groovers are ideal for creating clean joints. Concrete floats help you level ridges, fill voids and smooth the surface of wet concrete prior to troweling. Accessories include a padded kneeler board or a wooden handle for a walking float. Find masonry wall capping tools and asphalt tools, as well. Our concrete rakes help you apply material at a precise and uniform depth while concrete movers help you spread and grade concrete effectively. Our broad selection of concrete trowels is available in a number of types, end sizes, lengths, width and materials. Concrete vibrators release air bubbles and reduce defects in freshly poured concrete, and feature a cordless design with no need for a power source.Find the concrete tools you need to get your project done – the right way.

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