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Circular Saws and Accessories

Circular saws are used to cut many materials, including wood, masonry, and plastic. Also known as trim saws, they can be either hand-held or table-mounted. Electric models are available in several blade diameters, no load rpms, arbor sizes, cutting depths, and amps. Heavy-duty worm drive circular saws are larger and more powerful for tougher jobs. We even have masonry circular saws that are specially designed for cutting porcelain and other vitreous tile materials. Need a saw for cutting metal? Our metal-cutting circular saws feature blade shields with integral chip tanks, plunge levers for plunge cuts, and quick-release shield latches. Cordless saws can deliver the power of a corded model with the portability and convenience of a cordless tool. See our selection of circular saws and accessories that can help you work more efficiently and extend the life of your saw.

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