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Chop Saws, Cut-Off Machines and Accessories

Durable and powerful chop saws and cut-off machines are ideal for precise and burr-free cuts. Available in a number of voltages, blade diameters, arbor sizes, no load rpms, HP, and amps. Abrasive cut-off machines are designed for use in metal-cutting applications and have a large wheel that rotates away from the user to help carry away sparks, dust, and debris. Some models feature a large footplate that helps to improve stability and allows for a greater depth of cut. Heavy-duty chop saws are designed to cut rebar, struts, pipe, conduit, and even bar stock. Versatile cold saws transfer heat generated by cutting to the chips produced by the saw blade. This helps to keep the material and blade cool and aids in extending the blade life. Hose chop saws are primarily designed for cutting hydraulic hoses and other stranded hoses, but can be used for other hose-cutting applications as well. Our chop saw accessories help extend the life of your machine and can ease your cutting tasks.

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