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Air Conditioners and Accessories

Air conditioners lower indoor air temperatures by blowing cool air directly from the unit instead of through ducts. Also called AC units, air conditioners are used as a main source of cooling or for spot cooling areas where central air systems are insufficient. They make areas comfortable for people to reduce the risk of heat-related illness and help protect computers and machinery from heat damage. Ductless split systems can be configured to cool multiple rooms from a single compressor. Evaporative coolers are suited for dry climates since they bring in outside air to cool and humidify it. Portable AC units can be moved where needed. Window, wall , and ceiling AC units cool a single room without taking up floor space. Packaged terminal air conditioners and heat pumps provide heating and cooling from a single unit. Air conditioner accessories include chemicals, tools, and testers for maintenance, cleaning, and recharging.

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